Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Today marks 10 full years since this clan was officially founded. By this I mean with a server to call home and a communications program server to keep in touch.

The original members of this clan existed as a group of players rather than a clan before this date for a small time. However, it was on October 3, 2006 when clan co-founder Apache went ahead and along with his brother using the moniker Death and another laid back founder Zookeeper decided to make a new home for disgruntled tactical players from various other clans that were still playing MOH:AA Spearhead and soon the revolutionary COD4! These were your original Generals of the clan along with Brigadier General Babydoll. I, Master Shake, was just a pubber at the time who came along and owned these poor old guys. Instead of banning me for killing them too much like others at the time did. They did the smart thing. They offered me a high rank and put me to work owning their enemies!

It wasn't until March of 2007 that I was given the reigns of this clan to keep it going for the guys who stuck around and didn't want to see a good thing go. It was a double edged sword. I didn't really have the time to invest in running a clan. I had to learn on the spot config files for the various engines of the games we played. I had to learn basic level coding. I was forced into dabbling with web design and SQL server structure and manipulation since no clan worth it's salt doesn't have it's own web page. The bad news was a lost a lot of time making sure others had a clan and place to play. The good news was that I made many new friends across the world while learning things I could use in the real. It's been 10 years now and I think my investment was worth it.

This clan has adopted many games over the years. We started with Spearhead while having a heavily modified server to call home for a few years. Towards the end of Spearhead's run we tried moving to COD4. This is where we learned it is hard to move an entire clan base to a new game. Something that continues to be a problem to this day. Next was COD World at War. After COD became console favored instead of PC Battlefield: Bad Company 2 took over as the clan's game of choice quickly followed by Vietnam. Due to losing many members who wanted to play tactical only we attempted to move to Red Orchestra 2 followed by Rising Storm. But the playerbase for these games just wasn't large enough to grow as a clan. Then came Battlefield 3 with it's large playerbase. At one point we tried out the game Ravaged which appeared to have potential until the developers just quit on the project right after converting it into yet another lame zombie game instead of an apocalyptic Battlefield game like it started out as. Battlefield 4 has been our main game since with some dabbling into Battlefield Hardline. Later this month Battlefield 1 will be released. It is unknown how large the playerbase will be for this game or if it will fail as badly as Hardline did, but the 81st intend to support this game with our own server again.

I'd like to finish this with a shout out to all of those members, past and present, who helped this clan whether with technical expertise or just filling up our servers with bodies. I miss quite a few of our members who have moved on and hope all is well with them.

Here's to hoping the 81st can make it another 10 years somehow and continue the tradition of bringing together great gaming players for good times.


Master Shake
General of the Army
81st Elite Eagles

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