Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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With Battlefield 1 coming out soon it is time for the 81st to bolster their ranks. After seeing what the Alpha has to show along with the media released by Electronic Arts it does appear this is the Battlefield game we were hoping for. By that we mean based more on skill rather than handicaps. Gone will be lock on rockets and missiles, direct kill cam showing where your killer is exactly, and easy aim guidance of vehicles. This clan started as a tactical clan. Back then that meant walk only and not run and gun, spray and pray. We checked doorways, cleared halls, and secured positions. While that type of gameplay can't be forced anymore this new Battlefield does punish those who run around without a care in the world. The player skins match the environment more for better concealment. The extension morphing of the terrain provides more hiding places such as craters and embankments as the round wears on. Specific weapons are only strong in their roles thus forcing players to choose wisely. This all SHOULD add up to a more skillful and more TACTICAL playerbase. This also may mean that many of the current population will abandom this game without the crutches that are available in BF3 and BF4.

With that said we are looking for new blood in our clan. It has been a while since we have been actively seeking new members. If the above sounds like what you are looking forward to in this new game then maybe see if you like our clan. We prefer Hardcore mode without 3rd person view, spotting, and magical healing. We would like our members to be older than 18 due to maturity issues and possible availability. We also only speak English in comms. We play on United States servers so we look for local players. The 81st uses Team Speak as their method of communications outside of the game. We have a ranking system and when in competition we use it for leadership. There are other things to mention, but it would be easier to just hop on TS and get to know us. The IP is and the guest password is 81stguest.

We hope to battle you soon.

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